Pre-Filing of 2290 tax returns for the Future Tax Year (July 2024-June 2025) in progress.
Receive your IRS stamped proof of payment (Schedule 1) as soon as IRS starts processing Form 2290 filing for TY 2024-25 after 01-July-2024

Numero Uno IRS HVUT Form 2290 E-File Services

IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing For 2024-25Get IRS Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes

Numero Uno IRS HVUT Form 2290 E-File Services

VIN Correction, Taxable Gross Weight Increase, and Mileage IncreaseE-File Form 2290 Amendments

Numero Uno IRS HVUT Form 2290 E-File Services

Claim Credit for Sold/Damaged/Stolen/Low Mileage Vehicles E-File Form 8849 - Schedule 6
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Precise2290 - IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing

Precise2290 is the leading IRS Certified & Authorized e-file service provider of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) form 2290 - Schedule 1 and form 8849 - Schedule 6. No one enjoys the stress of tax season, especially when you're running your own fleet. But whether you're filing taxes on your own or are supported by a small or large accounting team, is here to help. Tax Professionals and Business Owners can create a free account on the site and electronically file form 2290, pay HVUT to IRS through multiple payment options, and receive the digitally IRS stamped proof of payment / payment receipt (Schedule 1). Mistakes happen during form 2290 reporting and it is scary for the filers to go through the form 2290 Amendment process. Precise2290 provides a very simple & powerful IRS online HVUT form 2290 amendment process to perform VIN Correction, Gross Weight Increase, and Mileage Increase and receive the updated Schedule 1 within minutes. Claiming credits through online Form 8849 (Schedule 6) for sold \ destroyed \ stolen \ low mileage vehicles is very easy through the step-by-step Precise2290 e-filing wizard. Form 2290 online filing with eliminates excess paperwork and restores some sanity to your administrative functions. Precise2290's updated portal on HVUT and Blogs provide answers to efiler's questions and thousands of users use the site to get the accurate information about IRS HVUT form filing regulations.

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Our Offerings

HVUT Form 2290 for Small, Medium & Large Truckers

Our e-filing workflow easily handles single truck or hundreds of truck taxes filing to support small, medium and large truckers through the standard processes.

HVUT Form 2290 for Tax Professionals

Tax Professionals can use the multi-tenant Precise2290 system to manage unlimited businesses under one single account and perform HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing to receive Schedule 1.

IRS Form 8849 - Schedule 6

Use Form 8849 to claim refunds for the sold, stolen, destroyed or any low mileage vehicle(s) for which the tax was paid on Form 2290 in the past.


Submit Amendments for any corrections to the VIN, Taxable Gross Weight increase, and Mileage exceeded for the previously filed form 2290.
Service Pricing - As low as $9.99 for a single vehicle

FORM 2290 & 8849 PRICING

We facilitate flawless and cost effective HVUT form 2290 e-filing to provide the IRS stamped Schedule 1 (proof of payment) within minutes.

Small Business

(1 Vehicle)
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Small Business

(2 Vehicles)
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Small Business

(3 Vehicles)
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Small Business

(4 to 24 Vehicles)
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Mid-Size Business

(25 to 100 Vehicles)
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Large Business

(101 to 500 Vehicles)
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(501 to 1000 Vehicles)
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Unlimited Filings

(Single Business)
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VIN Correction

VIN correction whether the original return was filed with us or not
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Form 2290 Amendment

E-File Form 2290 Amendments for any errors or changes to the original returns
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Form 8849 - Schedule 6

Claim refund or credit for sold / stolen / destroyed / low mileage vehicle
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Precise2290 - New Features

eWallet | Reward Program | Bulk Excel Upload | Filing inbox | Advance Notification

The new Precise2290 features like eWallet, Reward program, Bulk Excel Upload, Filing inbox, Advance Notification, etc. has provided an unassailable lead over the other IRS approved e-file service providers. Rather than spending valuable time entering your credit card information each time you need to pay e-file service charge, users can now pay directly using credit stored in their Precise2290 eWallet. These credits can be purchased through the Precise2290 website, and since credits never expire, they can be used to pay for any future Form 2290 & 8849 filings service charge. It is to be noted that the eWallet credit is not eligible to be used to pay your actual tax burden to the IRS. If you are a tax professional who manages e-filing for multiple businesses, your credits can be used for multiple clients, saving you time and ensuring client security. In addition to the Precise2290 Wallet, we are pleased to announce the rollout of our Precise2290 Rewards Program! Users who purchase at least $200 worth of credit for their Precise2290 wallets will be rewarded with an additional 10% of the credit amount.

A unique bulk upload program mainly targetting the Tax Professionals to load the complete HVUT form 2290 filing data (and not just the bulk vehicle data) has brought revolution in the HVUT e-filing world. This powerful feature enables Tax Professionals to prepare e-filing data for thousands of businesses in one single Excel file so that it can be uploaded in a single attempt. The filing inbox provides clear picture about the online form 2290 filing status and this has drastically reduced the users call to the Precise2290 support team.

Why Choose PRECISE2290

Flawless e-Filing

Well designed form 2290 e-filing processes guides user step-by-step to complete and submit the filing to receive the IRS stamepd Schedule 1 within minutes.

Receive IRS Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes

Fully automated e-filing process provides Schedule 1 (proof of payment) within minutes of Form 2290 submission.

Easy Form 2290 Amendments

Easily perform form 2290 amendments for VIN Correction, Taxable Gross Weight increase, and exceeding Miliage limit

Cost Benefits

Our charges are most competitive among the IRS approved e-file service provider and at the same time guarantee a top class e-filing experience.

Features for Tax Professionals

Manage all clients through a single account at discounted rate. Save the credit card and billing address to avoid entering these information repetedly for each filing.

Truly Self-Service

Truly self-service allows form 2290 e-file without any assistance from the support team.

Security & Privacy

We use SSL-encrypted connections for transferring sensitive information

Cloud-Based Solution

Extend the security, intelligence, availability, and agility of the application on cloud

Always Available

As part of our commitment to make e-filing easy and convenient, we are 24 x 7 x 365 available

How It Works

PRECISE2290 performs many automated tasks behind-the-scene to ensure that all Form 2290 & Form 8849 e-File requests submitted by you are e-filed to the IRS system, get the Schedule 1 after the filing is accepted by IRS, and provide you the real-time updates of the e-filing status.

Filer's Responsibilities

Complete your form 2290 on PRECISE2290 :

Step 1 :    Create your free account by providing your email address. It just takes a minute to create the free account and you are ready to start filing online
Step 2 :    Click on the Start Filing option on the homepage and the Precise2290 e-file wizard will guide you step-by-step to complete and submit the e-filing
Step 3 :    Enter the Business details and select the Form type, Tax year, and the First use month of filing
Step 4 :    Enter the vehicle details (VIN & Gross Weight) and select the IRS payment option to pay the HVUT
Step 5 :    Pay the Precise2290 e-file service charge and submit
Step 6 :    Download and print Schedule 1

Our Responsibilities

Once you have submitted your forms, we will:

Step 1 :    E-file your forms directly with the IRS
Step 2 :    Get the Schedule 1 from IRS system on successful acceptance
Step 3 :    Notify you for accepted / rejected filings
Step 4 :    Allow free & unlimited resubmit of the rejected returns
Step 5 :    Notify you via email at every critical workflow steps
Step 6 :    Store your form data on our secure servers on cloud

Important Dates

The filing season for Form 2290 is July 1 through June 30. You must file Form 2290 for the month you first use the taxable vehicle on public highways during the reporting period. August 31 is the last date to report and pay 2290 HVUT for the entire period without penalty. Form 2290 filing can be submitted even after the due date to receive your IRS stamped schedule 1 within minutes and IRS will send a notice with penalty at a later date.

Jul. 01, 2024
Start date to e-file HVUT Form 2290.
Aug. 31, 2024
End date to e-file HVUT for the whole tax period without penalty.
Jun. 30, 2025
End date for the tax period July 2024 - June 2025.

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About PRECISE2290

PRECISE2290 (Powered by SYRUSH Corporation) is a leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider offering you the best cloud-based solutions to perform online filings of Form 2290 - Schedule 1, Form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims), and Form 2290 Amendments. We are instrumental in providing new style of e-filing through wizard guided navigation to make the whole filing process error free, quick and easy. PRECISE2290 is a Maryland based business committed to provide e-file services to the small,medium and large truckers at a very competitive service charge. We have a very flexible pricing for tax professionals who can use the multi-tenant solution to support their hundreds of trucker clients through one account. We have expertise in providing cloud-based online solutions and ensure 24x7x365 availability in a very secured environment monitored by the security experts.

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